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We love our clients. Not only do they give us the freedom to create beautiful and effective email campaigns, they also write us lovely testimonials.

Marengo Testimonial “With the economy becoming a factor in the frequency with which our clients visit the spa, SignatureB has allowed us to offer monthly promotions to drive up business in a most cost-effective way. Our clients tell us they look forward to receiving the emails each month, and we've seen a great response from each of the promotions.

From the artwork they created to the prompt response to all of my requests, SignatureB has consistently provided excellent customer service and care. I would highly recommend their services to any spa owner looking to increase their business.”

Moniqe Marengo
Marengo Luxury Spa
Cleveland, OH

Dr. Azar Testimonial “I found SignatureB’s custom e-mail newsletter and tracking products to be the most successful way to stay in touch with my patients. I was able to simply and effectively reach half of my database within three days. This allowed us to manage who was interested in different articles or special promotions and what their level of interest was. It is very exciting to see immediate results from a marketing campaign and receive comments back from patients within hours.”

Dr. Kouros Azar
Plastic Surgeon
Thousand Oaks, CA

Matthew Morris Testimonial “E-mail marketing is the easiest, quickest, direct mail tool there is—if you'd just use it. I've done it myself, and I've had SignatureB do it. It is so much easier with them handling the details. We had a jam packed anniversary party and didn't have to worry about the invitations—they were done and electronically out the door in no time.”

Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Salon
Denver, CO

Core Intention Testimonial “SignatureB is one of the most innovative and essential tools a business owner can use to reach out to their clients. I am a sole proprietor and have recently started my own business. I had hit a bit of a rut and wanted a better way to reach out to my clients, while attracting new business. I was then synchronistically introduced to SignatureB, and they helped me create a newsletter with my brand.

I was so impressed with how it came out, and within days of distributing my first newsletter, I picked up 10 new clients!

Not only is the system user friendly for a person like me, who is not the most technologically savvy, but the staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. Janette and Rene have both helped me tremendously and are such wonderful people. No question or request goes unnoticed and they have been so attentive to my needs. They listen to my input and help me create what I want.

SignatureB is truly on the cutting edge, helping businesses to thrive at their absolute best. I am so grateful for SignatureB, and I plan to be a loyal client as I watch my business evolve!”

Rob O’Brien
Core Intention
Redondo Beach, CA

French Buckets Testimonial “SignatureB Communications partnered with us to make our first e-mail marketing campaign a huge success. We received two orders within ten minutes of sending our first e-blast and heard from a customer who had not been in touch for more than a year. In addition, customers raved about the exceptional design and content!

After our second e-mail newsletter, I received a call from a magazine publisher asking me to do the floral design for its October cover page.”

Sussanna Davidson
French Buckets, A Florist
Newport Beach, CA

Organic Beauty Lounge Testimonial “I couldn’t be happier. You are a great addition to the success of The Organic Beauty Lounge, and I can not tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing for our business.

Many thanks!”

Natasha Shea
The Organic Beauty Lounge
Flagstaff, AZ

A Shane Buffkin Salon Testimonial “I have had a great response from the new birthday cards. At a time when people are financially making adjustments, I am trying to offer something they will not live without, and the new birthday cards are a perfect example. I have had a great response from clients and also our staff. People are excited to see our brand take this beautiful new image, and in turn, they want to come and see what else we have that is new. SignatureB came along at just the right time for us, and I am so thankful.

With the economy being such a huge factor for people, I believe that I must continue to improve myself, our salon, and our image.”

Bree Buffkin
A Shane Buffkin Salon
Atlanta, GA

Boston Buddies Testimonial “Holy guacamole—this looks fabulous!

Our e-mail inbox was full—full of compliments about the newsletter, full of stories about dogs people have adopted, and full of support for Boston Buddies. We received a $100 donation immediately after the newsletter was distributed, and the donations continued to roll in.

The best part of all was that we didn’t have to do anything. SignatureB handled all of the details—from uploading our e-mail list to writing and designing the newsletter.”

Rachael Farmer
Boston Buddies
Orange County, CA

Boston Buddies Testimonial “I just loved my first newsletter and heard great feedback from my clients. I received three orders right away. A corporate newsletter is available to Mary Kay consultants, but I like this format because it provides added value for the customer. And, each month you pick your product promotion!”

Shereen Torney
Senior Sales Director
Mary Kary
Huntington Beach, CA

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