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Save Money and Let Your Creative Juices Flow

If you are interested in adding an email newsletter or E-Blast to your marketing mix and want to be “hands on” when preparing the content, our unique Do-it-Yourself program is just for you. The DIY program is an economical, easy, and quick way to reach clients and prospects, and you can do it all in-house. Prices begin at $35 per month.

Who knew that small business owners could create electronic newsletters, promotions, and sales campaigns within minutes without any knowledge of the Internet? We did. (But if you are tech savvy, that is okay too!). The concept is based on beautiful pre-designed stationery (see below) and pre-set newsletter and E-Blast templates (more than 30) that are simple to customize for each use.

You simply upload content, images, or other graphics, choose your distribution email list, and hit send. Once in cyberspace, you can monitor the response rate of your campaign in real-time via your Signature Account, including open rates and click-throughs.

As a DIY program client, you will receive:

  • Full access to an easy-to-use “Help” system to set up, build, manage, and distribute your email campaigns

  • SignatureB’s “The Buzz” monthly newsletter, filled with e-marketing news, trends, and tips and ideas for content development and design

  • Full access to your Signature Account, which allows you to easily track, analyze, and report on all aspects of a campaign in real time

  • Customer support, including live telephone and email support

  • Training, including invitations to join periodic DIY program Webinars

  • So what are you waiting for? The DIY program is a quick, easy, and affordable way to reach your clients. You can create, distribute, and track a campaign for as little as $35 per month. If you like to write and have a creative spirit, plus want to save money, get started by choosing a stationery design option below.

    Basic Signature Stationery
    A cost-effective, hassle-free option for your DIY program. Select one of our beautiful designs, and we will personalize it to include your business contact information. The Basic Stationery does not include logo or corporate branding. Once personalized, your stationery is available to use with any newsletter or E-Blast template. View Basic Signature Stationery Designs.

    Custom Signature Stationery
    A custom DIY option for your business. A one-time investment allows us to create custom-designed stationery to match your Web site or other graphic identity and general style, and include your business contact information. Once personalized, your stationery is available to use with any newsletter or E-Blast template. View samples of Custom Signature Stationery.

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