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SignatureB Communications is committed to providing high-quality, custom marketing solutions for professional service organizations, including law firms and financial service companies as well as boutique retailers, cosmetic companies, spa, med spa, and salon professionals that add a personal touch to your business and help build lasting relationships with your clientele. SignatureB works as your partner to create communications that build awareness, inform the reader, and generate results. We work with each client to develop a customized plan, leveraging the strengths of your practice and helping you to grow your business. Learn more

" With the economy being a factor in the frequency with which our clients visit the spa, SignatureB Communications has allowed us to offer monthly promotions in a most cost-effective way. Our clients tell us they look forward to receiving the e-mails each month, and we've seen a great response from each of the promotions.

From the artwork they created to the prompt response to all of my requests, SignatureB has consistently provided excellent customer service and care. I would highly recommend their services to any spa owner looking to increase their business."

Monique Marengo
Marengo Luxury Spa

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